What is it that makes us human? Is it the ability to walk on two feet or our capacity to think and reason? For many eons humanity has slumbered in an unconscious state and we have somehow strayed into a prison of our own making because of it. Our very make-up has been distorted and we are slowly engineering ourselves towards extinction. We have now reached a point however, when we are starting to realise that we need to awaken from this deep slumber and for the sake of our planet - and all life upon it - become the conscious, morally responsible and compassionate beings that we are all capable of evolving into.


Veganism is the rejection of speciesism and human supremacy in mind, heart, and action. Using someone without their consent can never truthfully be labeled as humane or just, for it is an inherent violation, and reduces that person to an object – a thing. Vegans respect animals as intrinsic, sentient individuals, and therefore do not support the use of animals (human or nonhuman) as objects for our own pleasure, amusement, or convenience. Veganism is about refusing to view other beings as commodities that we can freely exploit and use, not only for food, but also for such things as clothing, sport, entertainment, experimentation etc.

Veganism addresses important issues which affect us all, not just the obvious ones like animal exploitation, but also increasing violence, world hunger, dwindling resources, our declining health, and the agricultural practices that are ravaging our planet.. The choices we make impact more than we realise. Let's be sure to align them with our true values, for the benefit of all beings and our world as a whole.

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