Please note that our videos rarely use upsetting, violent images - we believe that showing animals as nature intended, i.e. happily free and effortlessly beautiful, stimulates us into making that important connection and helps us realise that all sentient beings are deserving of love and compassion.

Why Vegan Show
Interspecies Friendships Show
What We Can Do To End World Hunger Show
In The Arms Of An Angel: A Tribute To Animal Rescuers Show
Don't Give Up: An Ode To Animal Defenders Show
Save A Life: Adopt A Shelter Animal Show
Plant-Based Nutrients vs Animal Based Nutrients In Food Show
Animals To Make You Smile Show
Protecting Marine Life: We Must Be Guardians Of The Earth Show
Reverence For Life: A Journey Towards Enlightened Consciousness Show
Celebrating Veganism Show
I Have A Dream Show
Kindness and Compassion Show
What A Wonderful World: With Gratitude To The Animals Show
St. Francis of Assisi and World Animal Day Show
The Dairy Cow: The Most Overworked Mother On The Planet Show
Mahatma Gandhi: Non-Violence and Compassion Show
Unconditional Love Show
Angels and Animals Show
Safe At Last Show
Mercy: Where Is The Love? Show
Animal Experiments: Unnecessary, Unethical and Unreliable Show
Peace On Earth Show
A Mother's Love Show
Love and Hugs Show
Life Coaching Tips: The Feline Way Show