Shopping Guide

Contrary to popular belief a plant-based diet doesn't just consist of lettuce leaves! There are lots of different and exciting foods freely available in all the major supermarkets, as well as health food shops and many online stores, and what's even better is that without compromising on taste and variety, you get to eat foods that are much better for you than animal derived equivalents as they contain absolutely no cholesterol.

We realise that evolving to a diet free of animal products can seem very daunting at first. "What do you eat?" is the most common question asked of a vegan! The links below contain a gallery of just some of the foods that we eat (here in the UK) - and where you can get them - with a particular focus on the types of food that will make your transition much easier. We understand that habits are very hard to break but if you think that no longer including meat, fish, dairy and eggs in your diet is going to leave a big void on your dinner plate, fear not for there are loads of foods which have been made for your convenience that will replace the foods that you are used to eating. There are many meat and fish substitutes, lots of dairy free "cheeses" and milks and a vast array of scrumptious ice-cream alternatives (to name just a few things) that will make you wonder why you took so long to change your lifestyle. And all of them are so much better for your health.

Read on and enjoy!

For a list of exciting vegan food products available in the USA, check out these great guides!